WWE NEWS: Dean Ambrose Future? After WWE leave

Dean Ambrose leaving WWE, we heard this news  from the last couple of Months, he decided to not Re-sign with WWE and want to leave, then WWE give him 2 farewells Matches, first, in a Fastlane Pay-per-view and second in the WWE House Show, and his farewell tour is still going

The Shield and Ambrose, they have on farewell tour, Ambrose makes, his Appearance on WWE House Show last night and he competes Tripel third Match With his Shield Brothers Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, The Shield’s final match as a faction is set to air on the WWE Network tonight and After hearing This News That Dean Ambrose leave the company, Then People Spreading Their Own Rumors, I heard Rumors People Saying That Dean Ambrose join AEW, and maybe he Retiring soon enough but I recommend you Avoid This types of Rumors and stay away from them, because According to Recent Reports he's come back in WWE soon enough. and due to WWE has given so many farewells to the Ambrose, they don’t expect him to go to AEW, They expect him to come back, But you never know what happened next and what's going on in Ambrose's Mind we have wait and see what's Ambrose next Step After WWE Reales
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