WWE NEWS: Real Reason? Why Dean Ambrose leave wwe

The Shield Start their journey in Survivor series, they become one of the greatest teams in WWE history, but every story every journey will end at the end, Dean Ambrose Announce  After 2019 Royal Rumble, That he won't Re-Sign WWE Contract and when his contract over After WrestleMania he leaves WWE. Then WWE hardly tries to convince him, they offered huge Deals, to not leave, plus so Many people Try to convince him,  But the decision was his last decision That he never changes

Then in the Fastlane pay-per-view 2019 The Shield compete for their last match in WWE. they beat McIntyre Lashley and Corbin in a 6 man tag team match. And after that, we all have seen their real emotions. They hug each other and the Story of most Dominate team in the WWE history will end there! 

in WrestleMania 35 Roman reigns compete his Match Against Drew McIntyre And he beat him! plus Seth Rollins Beat Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania and became the new universal champion! but dean won't compete for his match in WrestleMania! maybe WWE not booked him cause he decided to leave! then in the episode of Raw After WrestleMania 35! WWE, give Dean Ambrose to his Last Match where he Set to compete for his Match Against Bobby Lashley! but unfortunately, That Match did not happen. cause when Lashley comes to the ring for his Match "he says don't worry dean I'll take care of your wife when you leave" then Dean Attacked Bobby Lashley and brawl happen between them! and at the end of the fight, This Match was canceled 

then in the same night, "I mean tonight" Seth Rollins Compete his Match on Raw where he wins his tag team Match Against the bar! then After That, he Realizes That This is last Night for Ambrose then the first calls out Roman And then Dean Ambrose "OH I forget to tell you something this is all happened after Raw! when air off" then dean give his Speech and they Show the Shield Sign last time on Raw

What's The Reason Ambrose leave WWE:

when Roman Reigns leave WWE, because of leukemia. then WWE decided to break the Shield Totally "I mean when Roman Leave WWE Then in the same night, Seth and Dean became the tag team champion and then dean turns hell on Rollins" This is the beginning of  Ambrose Started hating WWE creative team! he Spoke in his interview That! "when I Return After my Painful injury This is they gave to me, I want to be with my brothers; if I'm not with my brothers I look like a jerk" then According to The Reports, The Reason Ambrose leaving WWE is this! "he hates WWE creative he hate That system and he fell like he Stuck with That! in my opinion, if they use much batter to dean! then maybe he thinks about to not leave! but they didn't. "I mean when he Says that he won't Re-sign with WWE then they treat him like garbage! dean lose his Matches Against EC3, Against Drew McIntyre! and most importantly they did not Allow to give him his last Speech in WWE" so here's the truth About WWE! if you Decided you're not working for This company Anymore, Then you're nothing! WWE is the biggest Reason! behind Ambrose leaving! because they have a lot more Superstars to push! I think That's why they forget to take care of their old Superstars. we hope This is not gonna happen Again with Other Superstars.
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