WWE NEWS: Dean Ambrose AEW Joining Update?

After 2019 Royal rumble, Dean Ambrose decided That he won't Re-sign with WWE, and he wants to leave This company, Then They Try Their best to Stop him, but They are not able to Stop him, Dean Ambrose Appear on Raw, for his last Match in WWE, but That Match wouldn't Happen on Raw. "what's The Reason we Already Knew it" but wait what happened when WWE did not Allow him to give his last Speech in WWE, their Brothers does, when Raw air off Seth Rollins calls out Roman & dean, Then They give Ambrose to his last movement in WWE, where Seth Rollins Say that he's Really hurting to Seeing dean leaving WWE, then Ambrose Also Say's his emotions to the WWE universe. Then they leave the Ring by Showing The Shield Symbol.

Dean Ambrose AEW Status:

when Dean leaves Company, then all Social media was buzzing, That Ambrose defiantly Sign with AEW, "ya I know every superstar who leaves the WWE, his next Steps is AEW, but I don't think Dean, Make this decision right After WWE leave, cause just like we know dean did not want money, Maybe he takes some time and then joins AEW. "I know we love to see Dean Ambrose wrestle in AEW" and maybe we can see him, cause when dean leaves WWE, then AEW posts a Secret message on Twitter, That message looks like, they listen to this news, That dean leaves the company And they just heard this news, and now they can try to sign Dean, you can see that video below.

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