WWE RAW (20th May 2019) Results, Highlights

1. Mr. Money in the Bank Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman kicks off The Show, Then Heyman Says That Brock Demand Rollins, for universal title match, Anytime Anywhere, Then Rollins comes out and he says that "why don't you cash-ins you briefcase tonight Against Me" but Heyman says, Rollins is not worthy to face Lesnar, again and "what if Brock wants to face Kofi Kingston" Then Kofi comes out and he says That, if there's anyone to cash it in on, it should be on Kingston himself, But Heyman Stops Everyone and tells them that their night isn't done yet, Stay Tuned Brock Lesnar isn't going anywhere

2. Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn, Sami Ran into the backstage, But Braun followed him and grabbed it from the backstage and brought it to the ring, Braun hits the Running Powerslam to Sami And picks up the win

3. Lars Sullivan came to The ring, For The first time Interview But before he Speake, Something lucha house party comes out and they Attacked Sullivan but Sullivan is too Powerfull he Destroys  lucha house party Again

4. Ricochet vs. Cesaro, Ricochet gives his Best but he can't beat Cesaro, Winner is Cesaro

5. Aj Styles giving an Interview in the Backstage but Corbin Comes and Says That he can't Beat Rollins last Night and he doesn't Deserve Titel Shot Again, Then Aj Slapped Corbin Then Corbin Says That You'll gonna have to pay for That

6. The Big Dog is in The Ring but before he Speakes Something, Shane McMahon Came out and says That "he has done with The Miz" and Roman Says he also Done with Elias, Then Roman Challange Shane McMahon for a Match tonights but Shane Says that's not gonna happen tonight Shane accepts his challenge for Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia

7. The Usos vs. The Revival, Not clean Victory but The Revival Wins The Match By Rollup

8. Alexa Bliss comes with Nikki Cross, for The Movement of Bliss Show, and her Special guest has Becky Lynch but Then The IIconics and Lacey Evans comes out, "what can I explain to you More" Alexa, Becky, and Nikki vs. IIconics, and Lacey Evans is Next, and Becky's team win This Match

9. Mick Foley, is in The ring and he introduces the newest Championship, it's called the 24/7 championship, This is insane! Folly Says That this Titel can be defended anywhere and everywhere, as long as a referee to present. It's open to every superstar on every roster of WWE, from RAW to SmackDown to NXT to 205 Live to NXT UK

"let me Explains to you what happens Next" Foley put that title in the ring, and then the Whole Roster comes out to take that title and Titus O 'Neil succeed in picking that title. This means Titus O' Neil is our first 24/7 champion, but wait for a Minute Titus O ' Neil is enjoying his title victory in The entrance Stage, then Robert Rood comes from behind and pins Titus O 'Neil in the entrance stage, which means Robert Roode is now 24/7 champion

10. Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz, McIntyre wins The Match because of Shane McMahon's Interference, then they try to beat down the Miz, But Roman Came out and he saves The Miz

11. R truth Catch Robert Roode in the Backstage and he Pins The Roode, to Becomes The New 24/7 champion

12. Kofi Kingstone & Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin, Lashley and Corbin Attacked Rollins and Kofi before The official Start The match

Kofi and Rollins Win The match Then Lesnar and Hyman Comes out, it looks Like Lesnar cash-ins his briefcase, but That's not happened, Lesnar steps back and Paul Heyman tells Lesnar that they come Back next week, and they'll announce to the world who they want to face
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