WWE Raw (3rd June 2019) Full Results

1. Monday Night Raw begins with Roman Reigns and Shane Mcmahon Segments, where Reigns Make his way to The Ring Then Shane Mcmahon and Drew McIntyre Appears, They cut a Promo, Then The Revival Attacked Roman Reigns from Behind, Then Shane and McIntyre joins them but The USOS comes and They Save Roman Reigns, Then Roman Reign & The USOS vs. Drew McIntyre and The Revival Match Begins

here's The Winner:- Drew McIntyre and The Revival Win The Match

2. Seth Rollins Appears in The Miz TV, Miz Talks About Brock Lesnar! how Brock can cash-in his MITB briefcase, This Segment Ends With Brock Arrives in The Arena And Rollins Watching That on TV Screen

3. The Lucha House Party came out for The Tag Team Match, But Lars Sullivan comes and he tries to destroy The Lucha House Party Again, But All Member of  Lucha House Party hits The dropkick to Sullivan and They knock Lars from the ring, Then Sullivan walks Out

4. Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair Segment, Becky Comes first! She cut a promo, then Lacey came out, She Says Lot of Things to Becky, Then Charlotte Flair came out and Then Charlotte vs. Lacey Match set

here's The Winner:- Lacey Evans wins The match By disqualification of Becky Lynch

5. Rey Mysterio relinquish his United State Championship to Samoa Joe

6. Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley arm wrestling Match! Strowman defeat Lashley but After The Match Lashley Attacked Strowman 

7. tag Team Champion Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross; here's The Winner:- Nikki Cross defeat Royce

8. Seth Rollins comes to The ring he called out Brock Lesnar for The MITB Cash-in, but Baron Corbin Came out, and he Attacked Seth Rollins and when Corbin hits the end of Days to Rollins, Brock Came out, and he brutally Destroys Seth Rollins, it's Look like Brock Cash-in MITB Briefcase, but Brock Says Friday it means he cash-in MITB Briefcase on super-showdown

9. Bray Wyatt firefly funhouse, exercise edition

10. Triple H and Randy Orton! Promo Segment

11. Ricochet vs. Cesaro
here's The Winner:- Ricochet win The match

12. The Undertaker came out and he says That Goldberg you're Next

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